Deer Antler Velvet –

Powerful Performance Enhancer or Marketing Scam?

By Joe Newman, on March 9, 2017

What Exactly is Deer Antler?

A favored medicine in the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine system, is a type of cartilaginous tissue found in early-growth antlers. It isn’t the velvet that covers young antlers, but the tissue found inside the antlers prior to calcification – when antlers become very hard.

The first mention of antler velvet used as a health aid was found written on a scroll in a tomb in Hunan province, China. The scroll is believed to be about 2000 years old. In Chinese medicine, deer antler velvet is considered a first-class tonic that imbues the user with energy, stamina and greater overall vitality. The health-enhancing qualities of this medicine are believed to be due to its concentration of hormones.

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Deer Antler In The NFL

This powerful natural supplement came to the forefront of the public’s attention when a prestigious and highly-acclaimed professional football player potentially using Deer Antler Velvet Spray as a natural pic2supplement to help heal a torn bicep and surrounding muscle tissues.

The superbowl bound NFL linebacker was reported to possibly be using a banned substance called IGF-1 (or deer antler velvet) to help speed up his recovery from a muscle injury that happened earlier in the regular season.

NFL (and other sporting association) officials are very concerned about the rise in popularity of Deer Antler Extract because, despite the significant effects on muscle growth and recuperation it causes, usage of the supplement does not show up in drug testing.

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Amazing Health Benefits of IGF-1

IGF-1, or insulin-like growth factor, is a hormone that the liver produces from the HGH hormone. Human Growth Hormones (HGH) are primarily produced by the pituitary gland and serve a wide variety of health-enhancing beneficial factors and contributing elements to whole body wellness.

This is why many natural health enthusiasts are now recommending the usage of an IGF-1 supplement in order to regain muscle flexibility, strength, and resiliency. As the body ages, the levels of HGH and IGF-1 become significantly lower. Studies have confirmed that the presence of IGF-1 (derived from deer antler velvet extract) in the body actually encourages the repair and growth of muscles. pic3

Though IGF-1 seems like a new gimmick supplement on the market, the Chinese have been using a natural form of deer antler velvet supplementation that is literally found in the deer’s antlers and for thousands of years was known as an ancient remedy for a number of ailments and diseases revolving low energy and function.

Because of the high content of IGF-1, the antlers are able regenerate and grow back to their normal size in just a short amount of time after being cut off at the base.

Deer Antler – The Secret to Improved Muscle Growth and Strength

In addition to IGF-1, deer antler velvet also contains a complex mixture of amino acids and growth factors which contribute to the powerful effects of the supplement:

  • Increase Muscular Strength and Endurance
  • Increased Muscle Recovery after Intense Training
  • Increased Muscle Mass Maintenance
  • Decreased Fat Deposits
  • Increased a Healthy Immune System
  • Increased Joint Health

pic1 Due to its considerable regenerative effects, studies have shown that IGF-1 found in deer antler extract has have impressive anti-aging properties, and dramatic increases in sexual performance. Other reported benefits include physical and mental vitality, alertness and stamina, combating the fatigue and negative effects of stress.

As a safe yet incredibly effective athletic performance enhancer, deer antler velvet is THE hot product right now. Several manufacturers have jumped on the band wagon, often offering inferior products in an attempt to cash in.


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